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Flick It 2.6

Brick breakers are fun games that require using a ball in order to break bricks. In those games, the bricks are formed differently and some ...

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Perro Runner

Dogs are known for their upbeat nature. Moreover, dogs can run a lot when it comes to playing and getting food. Perro Runner is a ...

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In the game FUTURE SOLDIER 3D, your character is a soldier who is member of an elite group. Indeed, a dirty bomb has been detonated ...

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Unroll Me 1.0

Take the ball to the finish and prove you are a master Review Unroll Me is a mobile puzzle game developed and published by Turbo ...

Nudge 3.10.1

Keep track of all your training activity Review Nudge is a mobile application that can help users stay healthy by dispensing advice and ideas for ...

Tomb Raider I 1.0.20RC

The adventure of the classic games Review Some of us were only kids when the first edition of Tomb Raider was released for PSX, PC and Sega ...